Sustainable Finance Live: The state of the market and planet


Sustainable Finance Live: The state of the market and planet

Today, Finextra Research and Responsible Risk kicked off proceedings for Sustainable Finance Live – a series of virtual events designed to drive the creation of actionable ESGtech strategies within the financial services sector, and foster an ecosystem of partnerships that will turn strategy into action.

safeFBDC Live: The Value of ESG-Data for Sustainable Finance

Live from TechQuartier: the Future of Data! Experts from Frankfurt School of Finance, Atos & Helaba introduce ESG – and why it matters!

The Future of Data – safeFBDC Live!

During this premiere episode of our new live talk show, we will investigate the hot topic of ESG from various perspectives and explain why data and machine learning are great assets. Our experts from the scientific and corporate sectors will discuss the impact of data solutions on ESG and will help you make the most out of it.

ESG-Reporting, as of today, is mandatory for many companies and voluntarily done by others. Transparency beyond fiscal results for a sustainable future is not only used to create trust and to position companies from a marketing perspective, but also to help investors decide if a company is set-up for a future that holds unprecedented risks from natural phenomena and changes in the setup of our society.

As we are working on sustainable finance within the safe Financial Big Data Cluster, part of the Gaia-X initiative, we think that you should understand more about this topic and would like to help you profit from our knowledge and research.


Lara Hensel | Project Coordinator at FS-UNEP Centre & Project Manager of safeFBDC – Sustainable Finance. She manages diverse sustainable finance and corporate sustainability projects since 2017. For her, a sufficient availability, quality and comparability of ESG data is a key driver for the transition towards a sustainable economy.

Franck Coisnon | Franck Coisnon, Global Industry Director for Financial Services, is responsible for Atos Sustainable Investment offering and decarbonized investments solutions.

Lucie Haß | Managing Director Helaba Digital a subsidiary of Landesbank Hessen-Thüringen (Helaba). Her focus lies on cooperating with and investing in innovative start-ups with regard to the main strategic pillars of Helaba: Digitization and Sustainability. As project lead for FBDC Sustainable Finance she brings in her know-how on both topics from a Bank’s perspective as well as her market insides on developing technologies and businesses around ESG.

Hosted by Paula Landes, Marketing Manager safeFBDC.

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Nov 28, 2022 – Non-Statutory Public Hearing (Budget)

Council Chambers – City of Edmonton

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Gert Jan Hofstede at Windesheim, 2022, in a concluding Question – Answer mode with students about two lectures (“The ant and the colony”, and “The moral circle and culture”, also on this channel) , and showing a flowchart model of successful socialization / acculturation.

Sustainable Finance.Live: Positive change through innovation and collaboration

Richard Peers, Founder of ResponsibleRisk sets the scene for Sustainable Finance. Live, the first in a series of events that sets out to provide actionable strategies, debunk the myth that value cannot be created by meeting sustainability goals and show how revenue can be generated through trustworthy implementation of ESG (environmental, social and governance) measures.

In this exclusive interview, Richard speaks with Hannah Wallace, FinextraTV, about what has stopped banks and large organisations from investing in Sustainable Finance and taking action in the past, the pattern of “Fear of doing good, as might do bad”, how the issue of climate change has come to the forefront and what’s driving commitment in this area. He ends by highlighting some use cases of AI & ML in this space and addresses whether the opportunities of assessing vast data sets to produce the products and solutions necessary in Sustainable Finance, outweigh the challenges.

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